Where to travel in Easter: My top 5 destinations

Easter holiday ideas

Where to go on Easter? I start planning my Easter every year very early and then end up making the decision last-minute.  Spring is the best time to travel in many locations and there are so many places I would like to travel. Easter is great time for a healthy holiday, visiting Europe, Asia and Middle East. Here are my top 5 Easter holiday destinations:

Chiva Som - Thailand health reatreat

1. Healthy holiday in Chiva Som, my favourite retreat
Chiva Som is my favourite destination Spa.  One week of healthy food, lots of exercises and spa treatments in beautiful surroundings will make a difference. No fuss about Easter egg hunting, but if you are lucky, it is time for Songkran water festival, and you will get your share of sparkling water as a symbol of washing bad away and giving good fortune for your future…

Venice, Italy

2. City break in Milan and Venice
Good Friday is not a public holiday in Milan, so what would be better way of spend a day for shopping, while the city is once a bit less crowded.  Most of the local people head to East on Friday, so leave your travel for Saturday morning and drive towards Venice.  Spring is one of the most beautiful time to visit the city and less touristic than summer.

Banyan Tree Bintan resort

3. Shopping in Singapore, relaxing in Bintan Island (in Indonesia)
Singapore is a good, but maybe not so obvious destination for Easter.  It is a great way of combining a city holiday in Singapore with few days in Bintan holiday island, just about an hour by ferry from Singapore.  We stayed in Banyan Tree Bintan, which is a gorgeous resort with beautiful natural surroundings, delicious food and daily yoga glasses relaxing your mind and body totally.

Easter Break in Miami

4. Miami + Caribbean Escape
Couple of years ago we combined a fitness week in the BodyHoliday resort in St. Lucia with a few extra days in Miami. Beautiful, warm weather, a week of 4-5 hours exercises and a pampering spa treatment every day in the BodyHoliday resort renewed my body and mind. After a week of fitness it was quite rewarding enjoy few days in Miami just by walking around, running in the beach, eating well and do a bit of shopping before flying back home. 

Easter in Switzerland - Park Hotel Weggis

5. Switzerland
Switzerland is a nice destination for Easter.  Depending on the weather you can make day trips to France, Italy, Germany or Austria. If Easter is early in the year you can still go skiing and later in spring enjoy the beautiful spring weather. One year I stayed in Park Hotel Weggis near Luzern. The hotel has a picturesque view over the Lake Vierwaldstattersee  and they Easter Bruch is really great!  

And what I was looking for this year?
I have been looking for plenty of last minutes options:

  1. Long weekend in Istanbul
  2. Culture break in Marrakesh
  3. Relaxing holiday in Abu-Dhabi, combining city and the new Anantara desert resort Qasr al Sarab
  4. Healthy holiday in Verdura resort in Sicily or Sha Wellness Clinic in Spain
  5. Shopping in New York

Visiting Kamalaya wellness and spa resort

Kamalay resort, Koh Samui, Thailand

Kamalaya, Koh Samui, Thailand: Kamalaya is a holistic wellness and spa resort located in Koh Samui, Thailand. It offers healthy lifestyle, exercises, healing therapies, relaxation and nutritious cuisine in beautiful surroundings looking over the Gulf of Thailand. The resort is built around a cave temple, which once served Buddhist monks as a place of meditative retreat, and is now providing an inspiring ambience for this place. I visited the resort in the end of March. Click here to read more about my Kamalaya holiday.

Wellness lunch at Kamalaya

Wellness lunch at Kamalaya

Kamalaya, Koh Samui, Thailand: We stayed a bit over a week at Kamalaya resort, and it was raining every single day, except the last one, which was “just” cloudy. Because of the rain the pool restaurant was closed, but luckily on our last day it was finally open, so we had a chance to enjoy our lunch outside. As always at Kamalaya, the food was delicious and light, and the surroundings beautifully quiet. Here are some pictures of our lunch before returning back to home.

Wellness lunch at Kamalaya

Top 5 Spa Treatments at Kamalaya Spa, Koh Samui

Kamalaya Spa, Koh Samui, ThailandKamalaya, Koh Samui, Thailand: When it is raining in every single day during your vacation, Spa treatments will save your holiday! I tested a new treatment every day during my stay at Kamalaya.

The Kamalaya Spa area is informal and relaxing integrating the beautiful surrounding nature into its open air treatment spaces. The spa menu consists of some 70 therapies and treatments including areas of traditional Chinese medicine, naturopathy, homeopathy, Indian Ayurveda and traditional Thai treatments, so there something for everyone. This is what I tried and loved:

1. Marma point massage:
 This Ayurveda therapy starts with a full body oil massage and works on 107 energy points throughout the body releasing toxins and relieving stress and tension. The treatment was very relaxing, leaving the body in a state of complete harmony. The therapist also told that marma point massage will give you a good sleep. 

2. Thai massage: Thai massage is based on the discovery of 10 invisible energy lines called Sen, which run along the body. This treatment begins with a combination of Thai stretching techniques and deep tissue pressure point massage, which stimulates the blood flow, releases toxins and allows the body to naturally heal itself. Afterwards you feel stretched and relaxed. I think this is a good treatment after and before long flights.

3. Indian head massage: Based on the ancient healing system of Ayurveda, this treatment is good for relieving tensions and blockages from shoulders, neck, back and scalp. Using deep thumb and finger pressure the massage will improve circulation to the Kamalaya resort, Koh Samui, Thailandhead, release emotional and physical tension and enhance state of relaxation and mental clarity. This treatment is particularly recommended for those spending long hours on a computer – so perfect for me!

4. Vital essence oil massage: This is a signature treatment for Kamalaya spa. It combines Asian knowledge of energy principles with the science of aromatherapy to create the perfect synergy between East and West. This massage is a simple and effective way to release tensions and balance emotions. This was a very good basic massage and very relaxing.

5. Traditional Asian foot massage:  Ancient Chinese theory of about 5000 years ago observed that feet are miniature maps of the entire human body, with specific points on the feet corresponding to all major body parts and organs. The treatment uses specific pressure points to systematically activate the nerve reflexes, and thereby stimulating all body organs to improve overall wellbeing. This massage is recommended for calming the mind, relieving headaches and inducing restful sleep – and indeed it worked well. I almost fell asleep during the treatment.  

Special treatment – Tsuboki Japanese Face Massage: Tsuboki face massage is a wonderful relaxing and gently energising treatment. Based in part on acupressure, it works on improving skin tone appearance as well as enhancing muscles tone and lymph flow. It also aims to clear any blockages within the body’s energy channels and helps to restore a sense of equilibrium. This treatment was done by Dewi Hopley, who was a visiting consultant at Kamlaya while we were staying there. I need to say this was the best face massage I have ever tried!

My First Day at Kamalaya

Kamalaya, Koh Samui, Thailand

Kamalaya, Koh Samui, Thailand: I arrived Kamalaya at lunch time yesterday, and today is my first full day at the resort. Despite of almost continuous pouring rain and heavy clouds on the sky, I have had a great stay by this far.

Kamalaya is a holistic wellness and spa resort located in Koh Samui, Thailand. It offers healthy lifestyle, exercises, healing therapies, relaxation and nutritious cuisine in beautiful surroundings looking over the Gulf of Thailand. The resort is built around a cave temple, which once served Buddhist monks as a place of meditative retreat, and is now providing an inspiring ambience for this place.

I started my morning with 1,5 hours Kundalini Yoga thought by Siri Anand with passion and insight. Kundalini is a yoga of awareness with powerful breathing and varied movements followed by a deep, mind clearing meditation. I am not sure if this is really my style of yoga, but it made a good start for the day.

After awaking my appetite with some exercises, I had a healthy breakfast with some detoxifying juices, fruits and buckwheat pancakes with blueberry and raspberry toppings. All of them very delicious. The lunch menu looked mouth-watering too and I decided to try some detox dishes, having cucumber and melon salad with pumpkin seeds as a starter and green vegetables soup as a main course.

In the afternoon I enjoyed a vital essence oil massage in an open-air room listening to the rain drops dancing with the light wind. And while the rain was having a break, I made a short walk on the beach to enjoy some fresh air.  

Now it is time to go to the stretching class after which it will be dinner time.

TheBodyHoliday – the wellness and sport retreat in St. Lucia

Spa villa, TheBodHoliday, St. Lucia
Once a year I need an ultimate healthy holiday, and I like visiting in different wellness resorts. TheBodyHoliday in St. Lucia (Caribbean) offers a great variety of sport activities, healthy food and daily spa treatments, all-inclusive. I did 4-5 hours sports every day including yoga, pilates, aqua fit, fitness classes and much more… A week of exercises gives you a new boost for the year.

Relaxing, TheBodyHoliday, St. LuciaWhat I liked the most in TheBodyholiday retreat?
TheBodyHoliday has absolutely great sport programme. It is one of the bests I know offering an enormous variety of activities every day. The list includes Fitness Classes, Personal Training, Water Sports, Scuba, Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, Tennis, Archery, Golf… you name it! And the classes varies from beginners to more advanced, there are definitively something for everyone. You can plan your own day, choose your programme and go which ever classes you want. After a week you clearly notice the difference.

Click here to read more about my week in TheBodyHoliday.

Where to go in March?

The best destinations in March: About every year I feel latest in March that I really need a holiday break… I have collected here some ideas where I have travelled in March in recent years…

Miami Beach, Florida

Miami Beach, FloridaStylish city break in Miami
Miami is a great destination to break the European winter. It has about everything you can imagine to meet your holiday needs. The most famous are its beautiful beaches, stylish hotels and great restaurants. I could also say the place is pretty ok for shopping.Lunch in Miami

I love the American style brunches, all the delicious fruits you can eat almost all day long and the relaxed atmosphere – and if you are looking for healthy delicious lunches, there are so many palaces to go.

The beach is fascinating. I walked hours listening to the sound of the waves and enjoying the wind from the sea.  What a great exercise and even free! Miami is also a short a flight away from Caribbean, so great way to combine both destinations.

Monaco CasinoSpring weekend in Monaco
Monaco is definitively one of the most glamorous cities in Europe – and something I visit every year. In the spring time you can enjoy the pleasant warm weather and sunshine almost on your own, the tourists will come later.The exotic garden of Monaco

Surprisingly, there is actually quite a lot to see in Monaco. Walking around the coastal line is a great way to touch the atmosphere. The charming old city of Monaco with its narrow streets is a great place to spend half of you day and having lunch in one of its lovely restaurants. Jardin Exotique, the exotic garden of Monaco is the place to take your breathtaking photos looking over Monaco and enjoying some pretty exotic plants. The Casino is the place to take the photo “I have been here” and see one of the most expensive cars, you probably won’t see anywhere else.


Tulips in Monaco

The palace, Monaco

Monaco has also plenty of good restaurants to enjoy lunches and dinners. Sass Cafe is one of my favourites with its live music. This is the place where the party will start…

Chiva SomFitness retreat in ChivaSom, Thailand
At least once year I start my healthy life by going somewhere nice to have a week of exercises, healthy food and spa treatments.on the beach in Hua Hin, Yhailand

My absolutely favourite is ChivaSom in Thailand. It has been voted many times as one of the world’s best spas and retreats, and with a reason. The place is awesome. I start my days with morning yoga and stretching, having few hours of fitness and then enjoying a healthy lunch. Afternoon is time for relaxing, enjoying some spa treatments and your personal programme activities. You have a massage every day, and I prefer have mine just before dinner.  Delicious dinner outside and early to bed to be ready for the early wake up and yoga again…

After a week you feel that you are full of energy, relaxed and inspired by everything you have experienced. This is the place to return. See also my page about ChivaSom.

Chiva Som Pavillion

Next destinations…
And where I am going this year in March? Skiing if there are some snow left, maybe Lugano and I am planning to go to somewhere in Asia either to Thailand or Cambodia.