Autumn escape to Lake Como

Boutique hotel Villa Vittoria Lake Como, Italy

It may not have been the most obvious time of the year to travel to Lake Como in late October, but it was a good choice. No crowds anywhere, just some locals walking around, it was so quiet and beautiful. Many of the restaurants were already closed after the busy summer season, but some of them still remained opened over the weekends offering delicious Italian food and wines.

Lake Como in autumn colours in October

Hotel Relais Villa Vittoria lake como, ItalyAll the little villages around the lake were shining in autumn colours under the autumn sun. The temperature was a bit above +20C degrees, so rather ok compared to many other European destinations at this time of the year.

We stayed in a lovely boutique Hotel Relais Villa Vittoria, which looks over the Lake Como. We managed to book our room just a night before our arrival, and we really enjoyed our stay in this charming place. The service is friendly, a bit like staying someone’s gorgeous holiday home. I hope we can return here next year again…

Villa Vittoria, your living room at Lake Como

Relais Villa Vittoria, Lake Como - living room

Reception Villa Vittoria Lake Como

Pool at Villa Vittoria Lake Como

Lake Como in autumn colours


Travel in Seasons – Best destinations 2010

Travel 2010: I have collected in here a list of my favourite destinations to travel in different seasons. For each month I have chosen one great place to visit.

Where to travel in January:
Shopping in Milan, Italy 
Milan is great for shopping! Benefit the best sales in early January and enjoy the mild winter weather. See also my shopping tips for Milan.

Flims-Laax, SwitzerlandWhere to travel in February:
Skiing in the Swiss Alps
February is the month for skiing. I have collected a list of my favourite skiing destination is Switzerland.  Why not try them all…


Where to travel in March: 
A week of skiing with style in Zermatt, Switzerland
Zermatt is my favourite destination for skiing and offers over 300 sunny days per year! I prefer to have the ski weekend in early March when the school holidays are over and the resort is slightly less busy. Also weather is milder and the snow it bests.

Where to travel in April: 
Relaxing beach holiday and plenty of sports in St. Lucia, Caribbean
Once a year I need an ultimate healthy holiday. The BodyHoliday in St. Lucia (Caribbean) offers a great variety of sport activities, healthy food and daily spa treatments included in your retreat. I did 4-5 hours sports every day including yoga, pilates, aqua fit, fitness classes and much more… A week of exercises gives you a new boost for the spring. See also my blogpost about TheBodyHoliday.

Where to travel in May: 
Culture and Shopping in Vienna, Austria
Vienna, the capital city of Austria is a great destination for a weekend escape. Use the Saturday for exploring the city centre and doing some shopping, while Sunday you can do an excursion to one for the most beautiful castles in the nearby. And, Vienna is a paradise for cake lovers!

Castadiva hotel resort Lake ComoWhere to travel in June:
Lake Como, Italy – a great weekend destination
Lake Como is the third largest lake in Italy and offers great destinations for weekend escapes. Just as little as two nights will make you feel totally relaxed. I stayed a weekend at the brand new Castadiva hotel resort by the Lake Come enjoying the sun, spa treatments and delicious Italian food. See my travel review

Where to travel in July: 
Weekend break in Vilnius, Lithuania
Why not visit this beautiful and interesting capital city of Lithuania? The old city is fascinating with beautiful churches, historic monuments, small restaurants and cafes outside. You can also do some great shopping in Vilnius: stylish clothes, Italian shoes and beautiful leather bags with bargain price.

Where to travel in August:
Exploring wildlife in a Tanzanian safari
Tanzania offers one of the most magnificent wildlife adventures in Africa. I travelled nine days around national parks enjoying one of my best holidays. The wildlife is stunning; you can see all the animals you have dreamed of, and they are just walking next to your car. Read more and get inspired

Where to travel in September:
Scandinavian design in Helsinki, Finland
Helsinki, the capital city of Finland, is a great destination for a short autumn break. Explore the plenty of stylish design shops, visit the modern art museum Kiasma and try some traditional Finnish food in many great local restaurants.  

Autumn in Hoch-Ybrig - SwitzerlandWhere to travel in October:
Autumn colours in the Swiss Mountains
The Swiss Alps offer beautiful sceneries for day trips and longer stay. I have collected here a list of my favourite hikes.

Stockholm, SwedenWhere to travel in November: 
Christmas shopping in Stockholm, Sweden
Stockholm, the beautiful and stylish capital of Sweden is a great place for traditional Scandinavian Christmas shopping. Exploring the Christmas markets, enjoying the traditional Scandinavian dishes and visiting the heart of the Stockholm’s shopping district for more modern Christmas gifts will make a great weekend break in this fascinating northern capital. See my shopping tips

Skiing in Lech, AustriaWhere to travel in December:
Holiday celebrations in Lech, Austria
Located in one of the snowiest regions in the middle of the Austrian Alps Lech-Zurs is a great destination for a ski holiday. With 280km of slopes and in addition of 180km of powder snow runs, the skiing is outstanding.  The area is famous for its stylish hotels, high-class service and suburb food, so no wonder it attracts many celebrities to visit this pearl of the Austrian ski resorts. See my blog post

Lake Como – a great weekend destination

Lake Como, Italy

Lake Como, Italy: Lake Como is the third largest lake in Italy and offers great destinations for weekend escapes. Just as little as two nights will make you feel like being on holidays. I stayed a weekend at the brand new Castadiva hotel resort by the Lake Come enjoying the sun, spa treatments and delicious Italian food. Click here to read more…