Safari in Tanzania

Elephants in Tarangire national parkTanzania offers one of the most magnificent wildlife adventures in Africa. I travelled about nine days around national parks enjoying one of my best holidays. The wildlife is stunning; you can see all the animals you have dreamed of, and they are just walking next to your car.

Our  safari started from the Arustha domestic airport, where we landed after two hours flight in a  15-seat local airplane. At the airport we met our friendly driver and guide, Elvis, who seemed to know everything about animals, and much more. With him we travelled around the area.

LeopardOur first experience of the local wildlife was Tarangire national park, which was actually my favourite one. We stayed three nights at Oliver’s camp enjoying its authentic and home-style atmosphere.   From Tarangire our journey continued through Lake Manyara national park to the Ngorongoro Crater, where we stayed two nights in a lovely hotel next to the local coffee farm. 

Our last park destination was the famous Serengeti, where you could spend just days and days to observe the local wildlife.  We stayed three nights at Migration Camp offering ultimate luxury with the wildlife wandering around your tent: warthogs, hippos and hyraces were all our lovely neighbours.  

From Serengeti we took an 18-seat coastal airline to Zanzibar, our next destination.    

What to spot:

Tanzanian wildlife: zebras

Million zebras and wilder beasts, buffalos, giraffes,  elephants (even mad ones),  hippos, lions, leopards, cheetahs, hyenas, gazelles, impalas,  monkeys, all kind of birds and much more… If you are really lucky you can see the migration, spot crocodiles and meet a rhino, but this is not guaranteed.

My favourite parks: Tarangire national park, The Serengeti and The Ngorongoro Crater

Where to stay:

Serengeti Migration CampSerengeti Migration Camp

Beautiful location with stunning view in the heart of the Serengeti, ultimate luxury tents with five star facilities and the most friendliest hosts .

The Manor at NgorongoroThe Manor at Ngronogoro
The hotel where you would like to stay longer than 1-2 nights, watching the astonishing view, enjoying the relaxing spa treatments and eating the best dishes during your safari. 

The Oyster Bay hotelDar Es Salaam: The Oyster Bay hotel
Where else you can feel staying at your friend’s holiday home? A beautiful interior, 8 stylish guest rooms for a night or few, dinner parties with the owners and their friends – this is definitely the place to return.

How to get there:
Flying to Dar Es Salaam, Arusha or Kilimanjaro international airports. Swiss, KLM and Bristis Airways have regular flights from Europe. Domestic flights with Coastal airlines.

Best time to be there:
We stayed there in early August  – and the weather was perfectly mild, no rain and animals were pretty active. It is said that best time to travel to Tanzania is between December – March and July – October.  

Masai - Tanzania Buffalos - Tanzania

Elephants - Tanzania Lions - Tanzania

Lions - Tanzania Pumba - Tanzania

Hippos Cheetah - Tanzania

Our travel was organised by Abercrombie & Kent.


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