Dream destinations

This is a list of the most amazing destinations I have travelled…

Longji Terranced FieldsChina: South East China offers a great variety of beautiful landscapes, nature, culture, lively cities and much more.  We travelled almost three weeks exploring the area from Hangzhou to Kunming, further to Lijiang and Shangri-La and then returning back via Guilin to Hong Kong. China is an amazing destination, more stunning you could ever imagine! Click here to read more…

Safari in TanzaniaSafari in Tanzania: Tanzania offers one of the most magnificent wildlife adventures in Africa. I travelled about nine days around national parks enjoying one of my best holidays. The wildlife is stunning; you can see all the animals you have dreamed of, and they are just walking next to your car. Click here to read more

Zanzibar - Aug 2010Zanzibar, Tanzania: It is gorgeous! Surrounded by white beaches and coral reefs, Zanzibar invites you to spend most of your time by the water. Zanzibar is also known as the “Spice Island” having an interesting history with Arabic, African, European and Indian influences. Click here to read more…


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