Lake Como, Italy

Lake Como, ItalyLake Como, Italy: Lake Como is the third largest lake in Italy and offers great destinations for weekend escapes. Just as little as two nights will make you feel like being on holidays. I stayed a weekend at the brand new Castadiva hotel resort by the Lake Come enjoying the sun, spa treatments and delicious Italian food.



Recommended hotels in Lake Como area:

Villa D'este - Lake ComoVilla d’Este
Villa d’Este is the most famous hotel in the area with a breathtaking view over the Lake Como. It was built in 1568 as the summer residence of Cardinal Tolomeo Gallio. You can really sense the history when walking around the hotel and its beautiful garden. I prefer Villa d’este’ especially for lunches, Restaurant Veranda offers the most delicious traditional Italian food.

Castadiva hotel resort Lake ComoCastadiva hotel resort
Castadiva is a recently opened hotel resort with a beautiful main villa, modern rooms, floating outside pool and plenty of room to stay outdoors. Its main building Villa Roccabruna, built in the 18th century, provided once a favourite destination to many aristocrats. I especially enjoyed the quiet atmosphere, relaxing spa treatments and having drinks outside the garden watching the stunning view over the Lake Como while sun goes down.

Restaurant Veranda Villa d'EsteBest restaurants – Lake Como:
Restaurant Veranda in Villa d’Este is my favourite choice for lunch. The restaurant offers traditional Italian cuisine, and everything is so delicious. There are also many charming restaurants just at the heart of the old city of Como offering traditional Italian food.


 Shopping tips for Como:

Como old townCity of Como
The old city of Como is not only a charming destination, but offers lovely small restaurants and surprisingly many shops to buy clothes, beach wear, accessories and beautiful Italian leather bags. I found some nice summer clothes in really affordable price.

Fox Town factory outlet
Fox Town, the factory outlet centre located near the motorway exit in Mendrisio, on the Swiss side of the boarder is the must-do shopping destination. The outlet includes some 160 shops such as Burberry, Gucci, Dior, D&G, Tommy Hilfiger, Gant, Polo Ralph Lauren and many others, providing mainly last season’s products with 30%-70% discounts making them much more affordable.  Click here to visit the Fox Town web-site.

How to get there:
By plane to Milan or Venice and then by train or by car
It is only 3 hours drive from Zurich or by train

Best time to visit Lake Como:
Spring, summer and autumn


4 thoughts on “Lake Como, Italy

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  3. Thanks for the Fox Town tip. I go reasonably often to The Mall outside Florence and Barberino north of Florence.

  4. I love Lake Como and went twice this year. We stayed at Hotel Villa Cipressi and had lunch at Verandah, Villa d’Este. It was great.

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