The best hikes in Switzerland

Pizol five lakes

The best hikes in Switzerland: The Swiss Alps offer the best attractions in Switzerland with plenty of trekking rountes to discover the mountains across the country. I have collected in this post some recommendations of my favourite Swiss walks and day hikes.

I will update the page regularly to include new trekking destinations.

Murgsee walk - alpine lakeMurgsee – one of the best hikes in Switzerland
Murgsee round trip is one of the most beautiful day hike destinations you can discover while exploring the Swiss Alps.  The round route is about 14km and it takes about 4-5 hours. Read the Murgsee blog post to see the best hiking photos…

Stoos – the most beautiful lake views
Stoos, in Kanton Swych is one of my favourite mountain resorts with stunning views from the top over the nearby lakes and mountain peaks. Stoos offers both easy and more demanding alpine hiking depending on your preference. Click here to visit the Stoos website

5 lakes PizolPizol – five lakes challenge in the Swiss Alps
Pizol, near Bad Ragaz in Kanton St. Gallen offers one of the best hikes in Switzerland. Its famous five lakes’ walk is open only few months during the summer time and definitively worth to do. For more information visit the Pizol website.


FlumserbergFlumserberg – spectacular view over Walensee
Flumserberg is a great choice for short and longer day walks. A spectacular view from the top over the Lake Walensee makes Flumserberg one of the most beautiful hiking attractions in Switzerland. For more information visit the Flumserberg website.


PilatusPilatus – the dragon mountain
Pilatus near Luzern provides magnificent views over the spectacular Lake Vierwaldstattersee. The top of Pilatus (2’132 m) is easy to reach by public transport, which makes it popular alpine hiking destination. For more information visit the Pilatus website.

Urnerboden: FIsetenpassUrnerboden – pure nature hike in Switzerland
Urnerboden is a beautiful area for mountain walks. We made a three-hours-walk from Fisetenpass (2’036m) to Kalusenpass (1’948m). On a way back home we visited a local farm to buy some cheese and butter.  Click here to visit the local website.

Rigi - SwitzerlandRigi – the queen of walks
Rigi is probably one of the most popular hiking destinations in the Luzern area. We made a Sunday walk from Rigi Kaltbad (1’453m) to Rigi Kulm (1’800m) and back. This route offers a beautiful view over vierwaldstattersee. Click here to visit the Rigi website.

Best Swiss hikes - Sanits

Santis – climbing challenge
Located in Toggenburg, eastern part of Switzerland, Santis offers a breathtaking 360º view from the top. This year Santis cable car celebrates its 75th anniversary.  The first cable car ride was made on July 31, 1935. Click here to visit the Santis website.

Hoch-Ybrig - SwitzerlandHoch-Ybrig – the beautiful autumn colours
With many walking routes Hoch-Ybrig area is a great destination to experience the Swiss Alps in autumn colours. And even if Zurich would be grey, you can experience the blue sky here.  Click here to visit Hoch-Ybrig website

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For more info about the day hikes and trekking routes in the Swiss Alps visit My Switzerland.


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