A day trip from Zurich to Lindau

Visiting Lindau in Germany

Lindau, Germany: One of the best things of living in Switzerland is how easy it is to travel to all beautiful places. Few weeks ago we decided to make a day trip to Bodensee (Lake Constance) and visit the beautiful island of Lindau, which located in South of Germany, less than two hours drive from Zurich.

Lindau old town, Bodensee, Germany

Lindau in pictures - the most scenic places in the world

The island is very picturesque with its beautiful old town overlooking the lake. There are also many interesting little shops as well as plenty of restaurants and cafes to visit.  The best way to spend your evening is as the locals do; having a picnic by the lake and watching the beautiful sunset…

Lindau, Bodensee, Germany

Lindau sunset, one of the most beautiful views over Bodensee

Lindau by night

Stunning sunset in Lindau, Bodensee, Germany

Lindau sunset by Bodensee

Island of Lindau by night

5 thoughts on “A day trip from Zurich to Lindau

  1. Thank you for your nice comments! I didn’t know Lindau made to the Forbes list… It seems a good list of idyllic destinations where I have to go, so I have added Patmos and Lucca (the number two) to my travel plan 🙂

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  3. Great photos from Lindau. We spent few years go five days there and of course we drove around the in lake Bodensee or in English it is called lake Constance.

    Happy Sunday!

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