Two amazing cities: Hong Kong and Macau

Hong Kong

Hong Kong: We stayed the last few days of our travel in Hong Kong. This was my first time there, and the city was even more exciting I could have ever imagined. I loved the busy city life, the enormous amount of good Asian and international restaurants and the international atmosphere.  And shopping, Hong Kong is probably one of the world’s best places for shopping.

The weather was very humid and hot during the days, but much more pleasant in the evenings. And whenever it was getting too warm, it was just another good excuse to pop in the air-conditioned stores and shopping malls.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

The city wakes up for the night. Hong Kong has one of the most beautiful skylines. The tall buildings are greeting the visitors by their dazzling lights. One of the best places to watch the sun going down is the rooftop bar at the ICC tower. You can’t get much higher in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong by night

Hong Kong

Macau: For one day we made a ferry trip to Macau, the former Portuguese colony, which today is the world’s biggest gambling paradise, bigger than Las Vegas. The ferry takes about an hour – super class tickets recommended for a more comfortable travel – after which you need to wait almost another hour to get through the customs. But at least you are rewarded with a nice stamp to your passport.

Macao Ferry

Wynn Macau


The visit to Macao was very interesting. I have never seen as many casinos before; every one of them bigger than the other. And for those, like me, who has no interest at all in gambling, there is still plenty to see and experience. The casinos are huge shopping malls with all the brands you can imagine in addition to many restaurants and bars. It is easy to spend a whole day just by exploring the shops and eating out.

Maco inside the Venetian Casino

Tree show at Venetian Casino

My favourite place was the terrace of Four Seasons. They have probably the best afternoon tea in Macau. Sitting outside in a shade, sipping my tea and enjoying the mild breeze from the sea was a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon before returning back to home.

8 thoughts on “Two amazing cities: Hong Kong and Macau

  1. I like the 5th picture. In the last one, I’m not sure what it is. But it looks like a whole bunch of people worshiping a gigantic broccoli. LOL

  2. The last picture is actually from a tree show held in one of the casinos in Macau. All these people are gathered watching the magic tree which is growing from the ground and “dancing”. The show takes about 10 minutes after which the tree disappears. Next time when you pass by, you think you have seen everything, but this time you will see a dragon…

  3. I will be in Hong Kong next week and can’t wait to do my bit of shopping. Hope to manage a detour to Macau if visa is not an issue! This has been very useful. I am looking forward to sharing my own experience on my super space…

  4. When you travel to Macau, you can apply visa directly on the border. We arrived with the ferry and got the visas in the ferryterminal in Macau. The queue is a bit long and takes some 30-45 minutes to get through, but other that that the process was very easy. I highly recommend both Hong Kong and Macau! Enjoy!!

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  6. Hong Kong looks amazing. I am looking forward to visiting Hong Kong. By the way, what’s left of the Portuguese culture in Macao? Thanks for sharing. xx Layinka

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