Exploring China – Part 4: Lijiang

Lijiang old town

From Kunming our journey continued to Lijiang, which is located 2’400 m above sea level in the northwest of Yunnan province. Apparently the city has beautiful views to Jade Dragon Mountain, which unfortunately remained behind the clouds during our stay. We visited the gorgeous old town of Lijiang, which is a UN World Heritage Site and the Black Dragon pool area.

Dayan - Lijiang old town
Dayan – Lijiang old town

Lijiang old town

Roofs in the Lijiang old town

A cat bringing money
A cat with a mouth open bringing money in to the house

A fish preventing from fire
A hanging fish protecting from fire

Lijijang Pagoda at Black Dragon Pool
A pagoda at Black Dragon Pool

Primary school in Lijiang
Primary school

Shoes at the street market
Beautiful shoes…

Visiting Naxi village
Visiting Naxi village

Women working in Naxi Village
Women working in a Naxi village (while men concentrate on art and music)

Visiting Yu Hu Village - Dr. Joseph Rock home
Dr. Joseph Rock’s home in Yu Hu Village

Red peppers
Red peppers

5 thoughts on “Exploring China – Part 4: Lijiang

  1. Thank you for your nice comments! China was great, and especially I liked travelling around the Yuannan province, where all these pictures are, it was so beautiful!

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