Exploring China – Part 1: Hangzhou

Greetings from China! I have collected here the first pictures of my recent travel…

Lingyin Buddha Temple - Hangzhou

The Lingyin Buddha Temple is one of the representative historic sites of Buddhist culture in Hangzhou. It is believed that the temple was built by an Indian monk Huili in 326 AD. The temple has been destroyed and rebuild many times in the past, and its current layout took its shape on the renovations of the late Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). Today the temple is a home of thousands of Buddha statues and a popular tourist destination in Hangzhou.

The gate at the Lingyin Buddha Temple in Hangzhou
The gate at the Lingyin Buddha Temple.  

Lingying Buddha Temple
Lingyin Buddha Temple – on the top of the hill

Lingying Buddha Temple

West Lake Hangzhou
West Lake Hangzhou

Tea farm at the Tea museum Hangzhou
Visiting a tea farm

Tea tasting in China
Tea tasting

Impression West Lake by Zhang Yimou
Impression West Lake: A scene in heaven and a dream on earth – by Zhang Yimou

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