Window shopping in Paris

Paris, France: Paris is one of my favourite cities in Europe. I love walking around different areas and watching the shop windows. There are so many beautiful little boutiques and local shops with most fascinating window decorations. I have collected in this post some of the beautiful windows I saw when walking around the city.

 window shopping in Paris

window shopping in Paris

Traditional bakery in Paris

Beautiful candles in Paris

La Maison de Brune, Paris

Jaime Mascaro Shoes, Paris

8 thoughts on “Window shopping in Paris

  1. I would like to go back soon too. I hope I would have taken more pictures about the windows, as I found them really inspiring…

  2. I LOVE your posts. I’m moving to Paris for a month in August. I live in Bordeaux, about 8 hours from Paris on the train. It’s been a busy few months of travel for me though. Here there and everywhere. I have to go back to Italy again in June, then Portugal in July. So Paris in August is gonna’ be so sweeeet!!!
    Keep up this blog 🙂 It’s great!

  3. Thank you so much Dakota!! I’m happy to hear that you like my blog! I am sure Paris will be beautiful in August!! And Italy is great place to visit in June! Where about Italy you are going?

  4. Wow, your photos – and the places you’ve been!

    I’m so glad to have found your blog, I’m going to take a little time out over the next little while to have a read through all this. I’m going to have a go at posting my back catalogue of travels with my friends, but I don’t think we can compare. Still, we need inspiration for next year and I think I’ve found just where to look.

  5. Thank you e1aine! I’m glad too that you found my blog! I hope you will find some great travel ideas from my blog, and I hope I will be able to share more intersting places in the future!

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