Where to go in May?

Where to travel in May? It’s almost May, so good time to think some spring activities. I love European weekend escapes, but I also enjoy staying at home and travelling around Switzerland. In this post I have collected some ideas to discover Switzerland in the spring time.

Rhine Falls, Switzerland

Rhine Falls CastleVisiting the Rhine Falls, Switzerland
Rhine Falls, the Europe’s largest waterfalls and the great natural wonder can be found in Schaffhausen, which is located in northeast part of Switzerland. The falls are about 150 m wide and 23 m high, and they are at least 15’000 years old. To get most out of your visit, I would recommend having a long walk around the falls area to see the different aspects of the magnificent power of the water, or even take a closer look by having a boat ride.

The Castle “Schloss Laufen” next to the falls touristic entrance provides a closer look to the natural spectacle of the falls, and is definitively worth to visit. The gourmet restaurant “Castello” located in this castle offers a warm and pleasant atmosphere to enjoy your 5-courses lunch before returning back home. Booking in advance is recommended.

Rhine Falls, Switzerland - a great rainy day destination

Stein am Rhein, SwitzerlandStein am Rhein, a cute medieval town next to the Rhine Falls
If you travel the Rhine falls area why not combine a visit to a little town of Stein am Rhein. It is one of the most beautiful medieval villages in Switzerland. When walking around the city you can admire the m

edieval buildings painted with beautiful frescoes with plenty of colours. You can also found many nice restaurants and cafes in this area.

Exploring and shopping in LuganoLugano, Switzerland
Even if the weather is rainy and cold in northern part of Switzerland, it is often better in Lugano. Lugano is located in the Italian part of Switzerland by the lake Lugano surrounded by some spectacular mountains. The city of Lugano is very cute with many old buildings and plenty of Italian style restaurants and cafes. While in Lugano, it is worth to visit also the Foxtown outlet in Medrisio, about 20km from Lugano. This is the largest and definitively the best outlet in Switzerland offering a great shopping in bargain prices, and the place is even open on Sundays.  

Lugano, Switzerland

Lugano, Switzerland

Lenzerheide, SwitzerlandHiking in Lenzerheide
With good weather the Swiss Alps offer beautiful routes for hiking and exploring further the natural wonders of Switzerland. Not all routes are open yet in May because of the Snow in high altitudes, but there are also many great places to visit. While visiting the mountain routes take a closer look at the plenty of different kind of beautiful flowers growing up next to melting snow. It is such a pleasure to be the whole day outdoors and enjoy the fresh alpine air. One of my favourite hiking areas is Lenzerheide offering plenty of routes to enjoy the nature. You can choose your route, climb it up, have a picnic on top of the hills and then walk back down. What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

Alpine flowers

Hiking in Lenzerheide, Switzerland

Alpinen flowers

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2 thoughts on “Where to go in May?

  1. I was in Switzerland last May and I thought it was absolutely beautiful!! I particularly liked Zermatt and the Glacier Express. But I think that any month is good for exploring there…

  2. I agree, Switzerland is great all year round: it is great for skiing and winter sport in winter time, and for hiking in summer and autumn. We have also beautiful autumn colour here, which I can’t wait to come again… And summer is normally also very nice with many lakes, hiking routes and beautiful townn and villages you can visit here!

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