It is still raining in Koh Samui

 Kamalaya resort, Koh Samui, Thailand

Koh Samui, Thailand: This is the sixth day of torrential rain during our stay in Koh Samui. Normally it should be sunny and dry at this time of the year, but the sky is grey all the time and it doesn’t really look getting any better. The wind is getting stronger again. We are lucky to stay in this beautiful place and everything is good with us, but we know it is very different outside the resort.

Raining in Koh SamuiWe are reading in the news how badly the floods have hit the Southern Thailand killing at least 11 local people and leaving thousands of tourists stranded. The Koh Samui airport is closed because of the floods in the runway and the strong wing. Ferry services are disrupted due to rough seas. Some tourists have been evacuated from Koh Samui. The news say that electricity and communications are currently disrupted across the region, but luckily we seem to have quite good connections until now, the electricity had only very few short breaks earlier today.Raining in Koh Samui 2

Local people are telling sad stories about how their homes are destroyed by the floods and rain and how difficult it is to come to the work in the mornings. The roads are partly damaged and the water is blocking the routes in some areas. The pictures from the main tourist areas show people walking in the high water.

Our resort is working so well and everyone puts all the effort to ensure everything is going well here. I really appreciate it.

3 thoughts on “It is still raining in Koh Samui

  1. I agree, the wheather has beed strange in this year in many places. Everything is ok with us, and it seems that the weather is finally getting better, so I am optimistic to see some sun shines before returning back home.

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