Where to go in April?

Spring is the time to explore the European cities and spend some weekends combining culture, shopping and good food. I have collected here two of my favourite city break destinations to visit in April.

Vienna, Austria

Spring colours in Vienna
The Austrian capital Vienna is an exciting choice for a weekend destination for those, who love culture and history. With its numerous museums and palaces you can always find something interesting to see.

Flowers in Vienna, Austria

Schoenbrunn palace, Vienna AustriaMy favourite tourist attraction is the Imperial Palace, and especially its royal apartments, a museum dedicated to Empress Elisabeth. The other beautiful castles to visit are Schoenbrunn, the former summer residence of the imperial family and Belvedere, the summer residence of Prince Eugene. In both palaces you can easily spend a good half day.

Vienna culture attractions

Hundertwasser, Vienna AustriaFor those who love architecture, the Hundertwasser is the area to experience eclectic style buildings combining the elements of mosques, Spanish villages and Venetian style palaces designed by the artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

Vienna is also famous for its street cafes providing delicate breaks for city explorers. The most famous cake is definitively the original Sachertorte from Hotel Sacher, which is a traditional place for a Sunday afternoon tea. For evenings, Vienna offers a wide range of entertainment of every kind from opera to concerts and theatre to cinemas – tickets are recommended to book well in advance.

Cakes in Vienna

Market colours in Vienna, Austria

Flowers in market in Vienna, Austria

Romantic weekend in Venice
Venice is so different from any other European cities that you can call it unique. I find it fascinating walking around its narrow streets, exploring the labyrinth structure of the city and the graceful facades of the historic buildings.

Venice, Italy

The best way to get most out of the city is to organise a private tour with a local guide, who knows the history of the city and takes you to the areas where you wouldn’t necessarily find on your own. The The Canal Grance, Venice, ItalyGrand Canal, Piazza San Marco, The Bridge of Sighs, Rialto and much more… there are plenty of famous places in Venice that you must see while you are there. I would also recommend a day trip to the famous Murano island, the centre of glassmaking since 1291.

There are also some charming shops in Venice to buy some souvenirs. I love the small stores selling all kind of leather bags with fancy colours and fashionable designs. I also like the tiny shops with all kind of gloves in every colour you can imagine with affordable prices. Whatever is the season, you will always find a reason to buy one more pair or two. And if you would like to send some post cards from your journey, I would recommend visiting some local paperteries where you can find the most beautiful handmade cards – my favourite one is Il Papiro (www.ilpapirofirenze.it), Florentine paperterie which has few stores in Venice.Harry's bar Venice

And before you go home, stop in Harry’s bar for an original Venetian Bellini – this is the place where the drink was discovered.

Click here to read more about Venice.

Other destinations…
And where am I going in April this year? I will be in Thailand, visiting Helsinki and hopefully Damascus…

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7 thoughts on “Where to go in April?

  1. Beautiful! I’ve only been to Vienna and Venice in winter. They must be so much more prettier in spring.

  2. Thank you for your nice comments! I agree both cities are great. I like seeing them waking up after winter!

    Spain must be great in Spring too, I would like to go to Barcelona or Madrid…

  3. We went to Barcelona 2 years ago and loved it. This time we are going to Madrid, Cordoba, Seville, Cadiz, Granada and Valencia. I will be taking lots of photos and hopefully there will be some good posts for Spain.

  4. It will be interesting to read your blog updates about your trip to Spain. I have never been in any of those cities, but I would love to visit Madrid, Seville and Valencia. I am looking forward to seeing some pictures…

  5. Venice is indeed unique. Make sure you also wander away from the touristy areas, such as the Jewish area of town. Burano, Murano’s sister island specialising in lace, is also worth a visit.

  6. Hi Divine! Thank you for your comment! I agree the best of Venice is really wandering around away from turistty areas. I have never been in Burano, but I must visit there next time.

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