Skiing in St. Anton, Austria

Skiing in St. Anton, Austria

Skiing in St. Anton, Austria: I have recently discovered the Austrian Alps, and in this winter I have visited St. Anton area already few times. The village of St. Anton is located in 1300m and the highest peaks go up to 2800m. With over 270 km of slopes and over 180 km of marked routes for powder runs the place offers a great variety for piste and off-piste skiers. It is not only the skiing which is great, but also the genuine Tyrolean hospitality and the friendliness of the people that makes you feel welcome – and return.

The ski peaks in St. Anton, AustriaThe Arlberg ski region offers a great variety of slope areas to visit even for longer stay. The St. Anton side has nice slopes and is a good place to start your holiday. There are plenty of nice and long rides to discover, though sometimes it gets a bit busy during the weekends. And everybody knows it: St. Anton is famous for the best after-ski parties! The place is called Krazy Kanguruh, and even the name tells the fun starts here…

Ski Restaurant Goldener Berger, Oberlech, Lech, AustriaFor a stylish and quieter stay, I would recommend the Zurs-Lech side. The area’s most famous ski route, the white ring, starts from Zurs and goes over the mountains to Zug, to Lech and back to Zurs again. It is a great way to experience the slopes on the Zurs-Lech side. It takes about 2-3 hours to ski it through, but can have a nice lunch in between. With great terrace restaurants Oberlech village is a good choice for lunch. Especially the terrace restaurant of hotel Goldener Berger is worth to visit. Here you can enjoy the most delicious food under the Alpine sun. A reservation is recommended as the pace gets busy over the lunch time.The white ring, Zurs-Lech, Austria

I really like the Arlberg area and I am sure I will be there even more often in the future. I have to admit, this year the snow is not its best, but the great weather makes it worth to go skiing as often as possible. And maybe there is still a chance that we will get more snow…


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